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Aubergine Endures, Stephanie Brown, The Spoiler by daisyofthenight Aubergine Endures, Stephanie Brown, The Spoiler by daisyofthenight
Made with deviantART muro for Spirit Day. Please comment below with some helpful criticism.
Spirit Day is to raise awareness of bullying and the effects of bullying.

And if you're bullied, and feel down think of the all mighty Stephanie Brown for you can CONQUER!

Her father was the villian Cluemaster, a foe of the mighty Batman. Her childhood was spent with a father who was always in and out of jail, putting strain on the family. When Cluemaster got out of jail again, Stephanie donned the costume of The Spoiler to foil him. She had no experience, no mentor, no fancy gadgets, but she rose above to help defeat her father by "Spoiling" his mysteries and clues. She became a vigilante to help defend the streets of Gotham. On her way, she became part of the infamous Bat-Family. At 16, she discovers that she's pregnant with her ex boyfriend's baby. She continues on through life, and gives the baby up for adoption. Then when her boyfriend Tim Drake is forced to retire, she takes on his mantle as the 1 and only official Robin, GIRL Wonder. Upon discovering plans to eliminate gangs from gotham by batman, she sets them off causing the event known as war games. And DIES! Then was retonned by DC then having been greviously injured and stolen off to Africa to escape the hero life style by Doctor Leslie Tomkins.
She came back to become the mighty third Batgirl under the guidance of Barbra Gordon.
She makes mistakes, and stumbles but always gets back up when people try to put her down. DC comics has put this girl through so much poop,
A convict father, teen pregnancy, DEATH(really bad injuries), yet at the end of the day she's able to put on a smile.
DC even just ended up taking her out of their universe when it got a reboot, and when she was scheduled to come back as NIGHTWING, she was replaced by Barbara Gordon because Bab's was more iconic of a character, and Steph was declared "Toxic". Well DC sorry, haven't you learned your lesson? Apparently without DC's knowledge, Stephanie made her debut in the cartoon universe on the episode "Before the Dawn" of the amazing show Young Justice. SHE EXISTS AGAIN!
Sorry if I got off topic, and apologies for my ramblings, but YOU CAN OVERCOME!
And sorry for the wonkey anatomy.
Yob3 Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2014
If it wasn't for how DC has acted in the past before, I'd say they were saving her for something great, like Batman: Eternal! That's right, Steph is back in canon! Right alongside the other female Robins, Carrie Kelly and Helena Wayne!
amurogay Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2014
I really love the spirit of this! I love your explanation too! Steph has had such an amazing career and been so mistreated by editorial gimmicks, she deserves a place in our hearts. Thank you for putting this all into words!
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